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Daehyun is my favorite potato

Jungkook is ruining my life

too many cute groups, too little time @__@


a few boy group recs

if you like nonsense and booty: vixx

if you like silly boys with no shame: block b

if you like fabulous looking frenemies: exo

if you like harmonies and playful eroticism: btob

if you like soft ghetto aesthetics and screaming: b.a.p

if you like vines of children singing vulgar rap lyrics: bangtan

if you like videos of newborn puppies flopping all over the place: topp dogg

if you like nationalistic diversity and childish chaos: got7

yongguk & death note | 3/99 gifs of B.A.P
Track: taehyung has a convo with coolio
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taehyung: hello~
coolio: what’s up
taehyung: what’s up
taehyung: turn up!
coolio: what does turn up mean?
taehyung: let’s go party turn up!!
taehyung: ah sorry

sight + get out his tongue = so much feelings  ♥ T.T


!! 여러분 !!! 그러고 보니 내일 리얼리티 첫 방송!!!!!!! 와우 떨리네여!!! ㅎㅎ 꼭 본방 사수 해주시고 기념해서 사진은 납치 당하기 전 딴지와 함께한 사진 올려드립니다 !!! 하하… 무서웠다 .

!! Everyone !! I just realized that the first episode of our reality [show] is airing tomorrow!!!!!!! Wow, I’m so excited!!! ㅎㅎ Please watch it live and in celebration, I’m uploading a photo that I took with Ddanjji before our kidnapping !!! Haha… it was scary.

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