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Connie ☆ '92

Daehyun is my favorite potato

Jungkook is ruining my life

too many cute groups, too little time @__@

Daehyun circling around Youngjae and he burst out laughing ;w;

❝ SHIT ❞

- Jung Daehyun (LOE 2014- Dallas)

BTS as therapists.


Jin: oh you have low self esteem? look at my pretty face

Rapmon: no no you don’t have to pay i already have your soul

SUGA: *breathes* 500$ thanks

JHope: *spins on the chair while you talk about your life* WHEEEEE

Jimin: Look. You are not ugly. I love you.

V: Some people’s noses and feet are built backwards: their feet smell and their noses run. *picks his own nose*

Jungkook: *punches you*  are you ok

15/? B.A.P bunny moments: Wiggly SPY Bunnies

NO reposting/reuploading

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